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I suggest to remove her image.--Tiyoringo 16:33, 13 верасьня 2007 (UTC)

Interwiki to Japanese Wikipedia[рэдагаваць крыніцу]

I am Kurihaya, a Japanese Wikipedia user. I deleted the interlanguage link to the article in Japanese Wikipedia from "interwiki" section. I think the link does not involve any problem in be-x-old:Wikipedia. On the other hand, JAWP has the official policy that it should delete the articles including any personal information of crime/accident victims and of accused person unless the personal information is essential to Encyclopedia. The interlanguage link in be-x-old:Wikipedia makes bots to create its counter link in JAWP; which lead readers in JAWP to this article and the accused person’s information. Would you please add another interlanguage link to “see also” section if you need it. I note here that Japanese quality newspapers do not provide the person's name because the accused person is too young. Thank you. --ja:User:Kurihaya 06:57, 12 лістапада 2007 (UTC)