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Зьвесткі зь Вікіпэдыі — вольнай энцыкляпэдыі
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Colorado, U.S.A., This is a school project. Please forgive the use of english as an only language. I am requesting a translator. Reference: discuss inter-language, -country, -culture, -biology, -science, school project on the Wikiversity userpage here. http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/User:Orschstaffer#w:Agalychnis_callidryas

Required Materials:

Sewing (manugacture of disectable frogs that can be sewn back up when finished dissection process.)
Project planning phase of classroom discussion on Inter-language (MetaWiki:Babel) and science curriculim (biology, Education, Alternative education, going beyond boundaries in creative tools to teach with, Other possibilities abound, Translator requested.