Абмеркаваньне:Німфа (біялёгія)

Змест старонкі недаступны на іншых мовах.
Зьвесткі зь Вікіпэдыі — вольнай энцыкляпэдыі

I don't know what the word in your language means.

Please note that the current set of interwiki links CANNOT be correct.

The French word "Nymphe" is mostly equivalent to the English word "Pupa" The English word "Nymph" is mostly equivalent to the French word "Larve"

The French use the word "Larve" for ANY juvenile stage - hemimetabole or holometabole regardless

Also note that the image "Cetoine_global.jpg" (showing the pupa of a beetle) currently in use on many wikis is a "Nymphe" in the French sense of the word only, NOT in the English sense. In English it would be a good image for the article on "Pupa"

Three versions of usage are identified (up to now):

  • "English" ALL juvenile stages between egg and imago in HEMImetabolous insects
  • "Italian" Intermediate stage (last stage only) between "larva" and imago in HEMImetabolous insects. Equivalent of last "nymph" stage ONLY in "English" version)
  • "French" : Intermediate stage (1) between larva and imago in some HOLOmetabolous insects

I will try to compile a list of good interwikis for the various conotations on the English Talk Page, please feel free to add/discuss your views there. 16:12, 14 кастрычніка 2012 (FET)